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Bookwalter Retractor
ViKY motorized camera driver
Viking 3DHD camera
Bruder Laparoscopic Instruments
Circumflex Artery Scissor from Codman
BFW Headlamps
NW Medical Technologies can offer Cardiovascular, ENT and General Surgeons:
Codman's high quality surgical instruments.  Search the catalog for all your general instrumentation needs.  Don't see what you need?  Contact your area rep with any questions: some newer products may not be listed in this printing. 

Demo Codman's Micro Instruments for all your fine, minimally invasive procedures.  These premium instruments were specifically designed to meet your instrument needs while working in small spaces.  

And as always, Codman carries the original Bookwalter Retractor with all the latest innovations from Dr. Bookwalter himself.  See the latest Self-Retaining Low Profile Rotilt ratchets designed for optimum exposure with minimal visual interference. These ratchets are designed to clip to the Bookwalter ring for maximum stability. Ordering code is 50-4695.

Bruder Laparoscopic Instruments by Arrow Medical, and other endoscopy instruments by Advanced Endoscopy Devices.

BFW offers a line of Solid-State Plasma Chroma- Lume headlamps that will save you $1900 annually over 300 Watt Xenon headlamps. They also offer a Thru-the-Lens headlight video imaging system. It is the only Headlight Mounted Camera System that positions the camera in the center of the headlight optic for consistent co-axial alignment of camera to light.

EndoControl brings you ViKY: An ultra compact motorized endoscope positioner. It eliminates the need for an assistant to hold the camera during lengthy procedures, and allows the camera position to be directly under the physician's control. It can be moved by a footplate, or by voice command. ViKY UP system is an ultra compact motorized uterus positioner for gynecologic surgeries. It holds and moves the uterine manipulator under direct surgeon control.

Take your laparoscopic surgeries to a new dimention with Viking's 3DHD Vision System. This camera can be used in conjunction with ViKY for optimal results without the robot.