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Codman MicroINstruments for smaller Crani's
Line improvements for Bookwalter
3DHD camera by Viking
Male Incontinence sling by Neomedic
Urodynamics by MediWatch
ViKY by EndoControl
US by GE HEalthcare
The latest innovations from our business partners:
The Ethos surgical platform for better ergonomic laparoscopic surgeries.

Coming Fall/ Winter 2011
A hand held motorized articulated instrument designed for the purpose of grasping, retracting, mobilizing, dissecting and suturing of tissues and vessels under endoscopic visualization during surgical procedures.
Codman's MicroInstruments:
​Designed specifically for Minimally Invasive Surgeries.
33 configurations with a 2mm shaft to get the job done in small spaces.
Cat # 80-1003
Viking's 3D/HD camera:
■Provides depth perception while preserving tactile feedback 
■Improves hand-eye coordination 
■Provides precise spatial orientation

an ultra compact motorized endoscope positioner for laparoscopic, coelioscopic and thoracic surgeries. It holds and moves the endoscope under direct surgeon control.