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Greenberg Retractor
Chroma Lume Headlamp by BFW

Micro Instruments by Codman
Rapid Clean Kerrison Rongeur
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Neuro and Ortho
NW Medical Technologies can offer the Neurosurgeon and Orthopedic Surgeon:
Specialty surgical instrumentation by Codman.  Specifically, they have a new line of microinstruments with a 2mm bayonet shaft to allow for smaller cranial openings.  The mechanism allows for an 85% reduction in finger movement, minimizing fatigue.  There are 33 configurations of mechanical and non-mechanical tools in the complete set to allow for surgeon preference, and to get the job done in minimally invasive procedures.  Contact your area representative for more information or to trial a set of these premium instruments.

Codman also has an updated line of Rapid Clean Kerrison Rongeurs.  These rongeurs are designed to allow for thorough cleaning and decontamination, while maintaining the strength of bite and durability you can expect from Codman. Cervical rongeurs available in 1-4mm in 7,8,9" lengths.  Lumbar rongeurs incorporate a bone ejector to keep bone from entering the jaw, and for quick removal of fragments. Lumbar rongeurs are available in 2-6mm in 7,8,9" lengths.  2-3mm configurations are also available in 10,11,12" lengths.  Contact your area representative to see a sample, or to trial these rongeurs in the OR. 

Codman is your complete source for quality surgical instruments. Search the Neuro section of the catalog for specific neurosurgery tools.  Search the Spinal section for specific Orthopedic needs.
BFW offers a line of Solid-State Plasma Chroma- Lume headlamps that will save you $1900 annually over 300 Watt Xenon headlamps. They also offer a Thru-the-Lens headlight video imaging system. It is the only Headlight Mounted Camera System that positions the camera in the center of the headlight optic for consistent co-axial alignment of camera to light.